Mari Roosvalt

+372 5514039


Born in Tallinn on June 30, 1945. She acquired her art education at the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR, which she completed on 1969 and where she studied painting. A member of The Estonian Artists’ Association since 1979. Takes part in the exhibitions since 1970. Over 50 personal exhibitions. Has taken part in a series of different biennales and joint exhibitions in many countries. A member of Estonian Watercolourists Union since 2002.

Recognitions: 1997 a diploma of Baltic aquarelle triennial. 2001 III prize of international biennale ”Neues aquarell”. 2006 A prize of Kondrad Mägi. 2008 A diploma of second level at I Minsk International Biennale of Young Architects. An honorary member of The Estonian Artists’ Association (EKL) since 2015.

My works are inspired of tags, which come from a variety of adventures in different countries. In essence, I am romantic. I am the one who makes bridges – the pacifier between “the new” and “the old”. I analyse and synthesise. I let the culture to pass through me and I catch the very best of it. I let modern art to inspire me. I selfishly associate the delight and the deliberative approach, which still is highly valued in the art. At the same time, I seek the unity in my paintings by adding different patterns and themes to these. Every time this also adds new layers – said and unsaid words – to my works and the painting becomes the dialogue with myself, past and perhaps with the future too. I adhere to the tradition of abstract painting and to the romantic-modern spirit, but at the same time, I am uniting this with the more objective medium – the photography. While the abstract painting represents individuality, romanticism and authenticity, the photography is quite objective and documental.