Dear friends,

Year 2019 is approaching fast and we are already excited here in Estonia! The preparations for the August event are already in full swing and to ease your planning here is a short preliminary insight at what is going to happen during the symposium. Please note that small changes will be inevitable and we will keep you informed if that is the case. Please find the initial timetable and short description attached to this email. Hope it helps you to plan your visit and let’s meet in Haapsalu!

Warm greetings from a bit snowy Estonia!

Pille Laub

The head of project team


Dear friends,

The symposium starts officially on Wednesday, August 14, but you are warmly welcome already on Monday (the organising team will be there starting from Monday).
Haapsalu offers a nice opportunity to spend cozy summer days with pure local food, special atmosphere and on top of it – Haapsalu is famous for therapeutic sea mud. If you book your accommodation in one of the spas, you can easily fit some spa treatments into your days.

For those who decide to arrive earlier there are an informal program for Monday and Tuesday. The on-site registration is open on Monday and Tuesday from 10:00 to 15:00 at the Haapsalu Art School (www.hkk.edu.ee). We welcome you for registration and collection of symposium identity pass, catalogues, maps, etc.
On Monday, Tuesday mornings you’ll have an opportunity to take part of the annual Summer courses in Evald Okas Museum (http://www.evaldokasemuuseum.ee/eng). The courses are for a fee and a prior registration is needed, you will be informed by email when the registration opens.
On Tuesday evening two satellite exhibition openings will take place: a retrospective exhibition of the Estonian watercolour in Evald Okas Museum at 16.00, and after that the Estonian Watercolour Society exhibition at the Haapsalu Art School Galleries.
On Monday and Tuesday evening you are welcome to the Evald Okas Museum yard for mingling and networking.
The symposium officially opens on Wednesday, August 14. The registration is open in Haapsalu Art School from 10.00 to 18.00.
Wednesday morning starts with a monotype workshop at Evald Okas Museum (advance registration required). It is an open-air masterclass conducted by Estonian artist Marju Bormeister. The workshop can be quite a mess, so please don’t wear your best clothes. The masterclass must be booked in advance and we make sure everybody can take part of it. If there is an interest, we will run multiple classes.

During the day, walking tours in Haapsalu will be arranged (advance registration required).

An opening ceremony of the symposium starts at Haapsalu Cultural centre (www.kultuurimaja.ee) at 19.00.
On Thursday morning there is a monotype masterclass for those who couldn’t make it on Wednesday.
During the day, please feel free to explore Haapsalu on your own, observe and capture on paper its beautiful wooden architecture and seaside landscape. There will be an exhibition of the works painted in Estonia on Saturday and also some awards will be given.
In the evening, we gather at  Haapsalu Kuursaal for night demos of the internationalmasters(www.kuursaal.ee).
Friday morning starts with a nature tour to Marimetsa Bog (advance registration required). Estonian bogs are remote and very beautiful places where time has stood still for centuries. We will be hiking on wooden pathways and enjoying a picnic (picnic basket included) near a picturesque bog lake. You will have time for open air painting
or you can just enjoy the nature – there is a great possibility to see wild animals, birds and interesting plants.

As bogs are mystical places offering peace and tranquillity, we plan to have small groups of people at a time. Soon the registration starts and you can book your seat, there are departures early in the morning through the day.
PS The real bog-lover usually visits bog very early in the morning.

On Friday, there will also be a possibility to visit a small picturesque island of Vormsi. This trip is not included in official programme. A short description and a registration link will be provided later on.
On Friday, the legendary White Lady festival (www.visitestonia.com/en/white-ladyfestival) starts in Haapsalu. There will be a fair and lots of concerts, etc. all over the town, so it’s a nice opportunity to get a glimpse of Estonian culture and folklore. Some of our symposium events are also included in White Lady festival programme, as Watercolour and Wine in Kuursaal and a Watercolour Promenade.

Friday night is a paint night, so please pack your headlight with you!

On Saturday morning we will gather next to Kuursaal for Watercolour Promenade. All artists are invited to paint and show their work. This event is included in Haapsalu’s White Lady days programme, and we expect a local audience as well.
On Saturday evening it’s time for gala dinner at FraMare SPA hotel restaurant.

On Sunday morning we plan to arrange some buses for people who want to leave for Tallinn. We kindly ask to book your seat. There is also a public transportation you can take, but it is expected that a lot of local people travel on Sunday, so we suggest to
use the pre-ordered buses, the price will be the same.

In Tallinn, at noon, Tallinn Old Town walking tours will take place (advance registration is required) and then it is time to say goodbye.

In Tallinn, do not forget to visit the Kadriorg Park and the palace, and the modern art museum KUMU in Kadriorg. Tallinn is a lovely city and a day or two could easily be spent wandering around.

Already in Tallinn, you can hop on a ferry and also visit Helsinki while being in the region. An ideal destination for a daytrip. Or, there is an opportunity to visit also Sankt Petersburg by ferry. For short cruise trips no visa is needed. The schedules and prices for August 2019 will be announced later in December, we will share the information
with you.

Now back to Haapsalu – the city is really small and you can walk everywhere, so pack a pair of comfy shoes with you. And a raincoat! August is the warmest month of the year in Estonia, but still some rain happens .

That was a short description of our vision for the next August! Hope it helps you to plan your visit and let’s meet in Haapsalu!