Location and date:  

The 22rd ECWS Exhibition will be held in Haapsalu, Estonia from August 2 to August 30, 2019.



Participation is limited only to members of the ECWS societies. One exhibitor can show only one original work, which has not been shown before on any other ECWS exhibition. The subject is free.


Dimensions of the painted surface shall be 50 x 70 cm, either verically or horizontally.


At the back of each artwork should be a printed label stating:

  1. Name of the society
  2. Country
  3. Name and surname of the artist
  4. Contact e-mail, phone
  5. Title of the work
  6. Price (if for sale)


Shipping the artworks:

The works from each organization must be sent together, without frame or mat, secured in a packaging that can be reusable to return the works later.

The cost of shipping and subsequent return is to be paid by the corresponding society.

The shipping address:

Estonian Watercolor Society

Anneliis Vabul

12011 Tallinn

Kose tee 34


Tel: +37255589048


Entry fee for the exhibition 100 EUR per work.

The registration fees must be paid by a single transfer for all the exhibitor members of the organizations, with the reference: ECWS Symposium Haapsalu 2019, to the following bank account:


Eesti Akvarellistide Ühendus

Account no  EE75 2200 2210 7030 9345

Swedbabk AS Liivalaia B, 15040 Tallinn



Confirm participation and acceptance of the terms:  asap

Deadline for reception of works not later than  March 30, 2019.

Registration deadline for ECWS societies: March 30, 2019.

Deadline for organizations’ logos and speeches of Presidents: April 15, 2019.

The fee includes:

  • Exhibition space rent
  • Framing – all paintings will be set in wooden frames with a pass partou
  • Photographing the works for publication in the exhibition catalogue
  • Design and printing the catalogue
  • 1 copy of the catalogue for each exhibitor and 2 copies for each organization
  • Opening ceremony of the Exhibition in Haapsalu Cultural Centre


The paintings will be returned by mail, packed together to each organization. Anticipated date of shipment is Octobre 2019. The frames will remain the property of EWS.

To avoid additional costs, the organizational committee is not planning to purchase insurance.


A catalogue with all the exhibited works will be published and a copy will be delivered to each participant in the exhibition and two more to each association.

The  22nd  ECWS  Symposium

 Place and date:

The 22nd ECWS Symposium will be held in 14-19 August, 2019. The Symposium will take place in small town Haapsalu.
The Symposium Program and additional info will be sent to all associations not later than in November 2018.


NB We strongly advise you make arrangements for accommodations as soon as possible.

The list of the suggested hotels:

Fra Mare Thalasso Spa (www.framare.ee), for booking contact: sales@framare.ee, 10% discount  code: Akvarell

Spa Hotel laine (www.laine.ee), 10% discount code will be provided in November

Päeva Villa (www.paevavilla.ee), for booking:  info@paevavilla.ee, 10% discount code: Aquarell art

Hotell Kongo (www.kongohotel.ee), for booking: info@kongohotel.ee, 10% discount code:ART

Uusallika puhkemaja (www.uusallikadotee.wordpress.com, booking: www.booking.com; discount code: akvarell sümpoosium

Links to other hotels in Haapsalu:



FB page of the event:
Fb.me/ECWS  Haapsalu 2019

 Estonian Watercolour Society


email: ecwshaapsalu2019@gmail.com

tel: +3725017639 Pille Laub

Haapsalu City


Exhibition hall:

Haapsalu Kultuurikeskus ja Haapsalu Linnagalerii:


Hotels in Haapsalu:






Number of invited artists :
AIA Italy 12
AIB Belgium 12
NAS Nordiska 27
AADA Spain 8
AAV Spain 8
AEDA Spain 8
AAC Spain 8
AAA Spain 8
FWS Finland 12
GAB Spain 8
SFA France 12
DAG Germany 12
WCSI Ireland 9
Poland 9

The organizational committee has the right to change these terms as needed, provided that such changes are connected with the exhibition.